Download the Ericsson-LG UCP eMG-80 "Custom Call Routing" Cheat Sheet



Custom Call Routing

If your phone system utilizes the integrated auto-attendant, you can change where calls are sent when a caller presses a digit.  This is done by programming Custom Call Routing.

To Change a CCR

1) Open up a web browser and input the IP Address of your phone system.  When prompted, enter the system administrator User ID and Password, then press “Login”.



2)  From the left-hand menu, choose “Tables Data”.

Select Tables Data


3) From the sub-menu, choose “CCR Table”

 Select CCR Table


4)  Enter the Custom Call Routing Table that you would like to change.  Your main greeting often utilizes CCR 1.  Press “Load” to open the CCR options.

 Choose CCR


5) The 10 destinations listed on the page correspond with the digits a caller can press on their phone.  Make the changes you wish to make, then press “Save”.

 Update CCR

6)  Press “Log Out” when you’re finished.

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