To establish a conference call

1) Establish call with one of the desired conference parties
2) Press the CONF soft-key below the LCD screen
3) Establish call with other conference party
4) Select CONF soft-key
5) Repeat steps 3-4 until all parties have been called.
6) Press the CONF soft-key a second time to connect all parties.


To place a Conference on Hold

Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button.


To retrieve the Conference on Hold
Select the CONF soft-key below the LCD screen.


To establish an Unsupervised Conference

1) Establish conference call as directed above.
2) Once all parties are connected and able to connverse, press the CONF soft-key
3) Hang up.


To retrieve an Unsupervised Conference

1) Lift the handset.
2) Select the CONF soft-key.


Using the Conference Room system

1) Outside callers dial the main number and select option 9
2) They input the Conference Room 1 password and are connected

Internal Callers can dial 591 (or press the “Conf Room 1" button) and then input the password. You are then joined to the conference


(IP Phones)

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