Download the Ericsson-LG UCP eMG-80 "Pre-Selected Message" Cheat Sheet



Pre-Defined & Custom Text Display Messages

You can select a text message that will display in the LCD display of your coworker’s telephones.  These messages will also be audibly announced to outside callers who transfer via the auto-attendant.  We’ll utilize the web portal of the phone system to set these messages.

To Select a Text Message

  1. Open your web-browser and input the IP address of your telephone system.  You’ll be presented with a login screen.
  2. Input your extension number and your password.  The password is the same one that is used to access your voice-mail.
  3. On the left-hand side of the screen, select “Pre Select Message”.
  4. Choose the message you want to be displayed to callers.  If applicable, add the time or date in the “Attribute” field.
  5. If you wish to have this message read to outside callers who transfer to your extension via the auto-attendant, change “VSF MESSAGE PLAY TO CO INCOMING CALLER” to “ON”.
  6. Hit “Save” to save your selection.


To Cancel A Message

Repeat the steps above.  In step 4, choose “MESSAGE DEACTIVATED”.

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