Ericsson-LG UCP eMG80 9200 Series Digital Phones 

HTP Programming
Change How You Receive Intercom Calls

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You can determine how you receive intercom calls from your co-workers.

Choose from:

Handsfree Mode- Reply handsfree or lift the handset to converse. The calling party can hear any conversation in progress.

Tone Mode- Intercom calls ring. Lift the handset or press “Speaker” to converse.

Private Mode- You can hear the calling party, but they cannot hear you. Lift the handset or press “Speaker” to converse.


HTP Programming Steps

  1. Press the [Trans/PGM] Button
  2. Press [1] for “Ring”
  3. Press [3] for “Answer Mode”
  4. Press the “1" for Handsfree Mode
  1. Press the [Hold/Save] Button.
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