How to use the Ericsson-LG UCP eMG80 "Call Log" Feature
(also works with the Vertical Summit)

Download the Ericsson-LG eMG-80 "Call Log" Cheat Sheet

The Call Log feature allows users to scroll through a list of both incoming and outgoing phone calls.  Users can select a number from the Call Log and redial it.

Call Log Feature

  1. Press the “Redial” soft-key at the LCD Display.
  2. Press the “Back” soft-key at the LCD Display.
  3. Press [1] for Received Calls, [2] for Dialed Calls, or [3] for Lost Calls.
  4. Press “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” to go scroll through the list.
  5. Press OK to dial the number or hangup.

Program a Call Log Button
Alternatively, you program a “Call Log” button on your phone:

  1. Press the [Trans/PGM] button.
  2. Press an unused “Flex” button. (One of the 24 buttons on the right side of the phone.)
  3. Press the [Trans/PGM] button + [5] + [7]
  4. Press the [Hold/Save] to save the button as a Call Log button
  5. Hang-up.
 Call Log
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