Best Way To Record Auto-Attendant Greetings

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Auto-Attendant Recording Tips

These are general tips for recording Auto-Attendant Greetings, ways to make your greeting sound better and more professional.

  1. Write a script.
    1. Write it in a word processor to make changes easier, both now and later.
    2. Make it short and to the point.
    3. Avoid Unnecessary Phrases.
    4. If you must create a lot of different options, use sub-menus.
  2. Always have a Zero Option.
    1. Make sure someone answers the “0” calls during normal business hours.
    2. Make sure “0” calls go to voice-mail after hours.
      1. Return calls ASAP!
  3. Preparing to Record
    1. Go somewhere quiet.
    2. Practice your script. Out loud.
    3. Get some hot coffee or hot tea.
  4. Making the Recording
    1. Always use the handset. Never use the speakerphone.
    2. Check to make sure your posture is good.
      1. Standing up is even better.
  5. Take a deep breath before recording.
  6. Smile while recording.
  7. Speak slightly slower than normal.
  8. Make an extra effort at pronunciation.
  9. Check the Recording.
    1. Always take time to listen to your recording.
    2. If it doesn’t sound good, do it again!
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